RevengeFest 2020 Lineup!

Our films are chosen and ready to show on October 30th at 8 PM Central Standard! The order is subject to change, but check out the lineup of Horror films below. Be sure to grab your tickets at EventBrite to make sure you get a link the night of to join the terror.

Our total run time will be 1 hour 40 minutes.

Make a Wish

Directed by: Dinh Thai
Written by: Ivan Tsang & Dinh Thai
Starring: Edward Hong, Jason Chang, & Roman Moretti

A “light-hearted” comedy about the sweetest fiancé giving her boyfriend the best birthday present ever, Make A Wish has currently been accepted in 80+ film festivals, with the most notable ones being HollyShorts, Nightmares, FilmQuest, Screamfest, NYC Horror, and A Night Of Horror International! Awards-wise, the short film has recently won Best Actress (Josephine Chang) from HorrorHound, Something Wicked, and Sick ‘n’ Wrong along with numerous other wins & nominations from Horrible Imaginings, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic, and many more.


Directed by: Dick Grunert
Written by: Dick Grunert
Starring: Allison Lobel & Strummer McKendry

Beware of Spike!


Directed by: Matt Cannon
Written by: Matt Cannon & Quinn Arlington Waters
Starring: Kelly Kriegshauer, Brock Vickers, Jeanette Pacifico, & Luke DeMaine

A semi-silent synth filled short set in the late 80s, surrounding a normal day in the life of aerobic instructor, Kelly Gold, consists of leading classes, dealing with her sleazy boss and fighting off demonic forces that’s inhabiting a boombox.


Directed by: Christina Raia
Written by: Kelsey Rauber
Starring: Nabil Vinas & Briana Swann

Two coworkers contemplate the aftermath of an encounter.

Dante: A Replication

Directed by: Diego Andaluz
Written by: Diego Andaluz
Starring: Dante Andaluz

Inspired by the unconventional structure of Parasite, the surreal works of David Lynch, and the unilateral production techniques of PRIMER (as well as elements of Jordan Peele’s Us), Dante: A Replication is about a young man who attempts to discover the source of a mysterious phone call, leading him towards a terrifying discovery of replication as his reality begins to unravel.

Hinterland Zoo, Episode 1

Directed by: Eric Shapiro
Written by: Comika Hartford
Starring: Comika Hartford, Rhoda Jordan Shapiro, & Richard Caines

This first installment of the Hinterland Zoo anthology created by Comika Hartford revolves around a shy suburban couple who invites a beautiful woman over for a threesome but the night takes a sinister turn.

There’s Something in the Woods

Directed by:Jerry S. Gonzalez
Written by: Jerry S. Gonzalez & Sydney Gernrnaat (Story)
Starring: Danielle Malenock & Patrick Deal

A husband and wife must venture into a monster-infested forest to save their child from a witch.

Don’t Listen

Directed by: Vi Angeli Z. Lanot & Jheia Codoy
Written by: Vi Angeli Z. Lanot
Starring: Vi Angeli Z. Lanot

A film from inside a woman’s thoughts and trauma.

Sweet Nothings

Directed by: Sarah Falkiner
Written by: Sarah Falkiner
Starring: Julie Ramos, Sara Anne Tomczak, & Rasheeda Denise

Three single women commiserate about their bad Tinder dates until one takes it into her own hands with horrific results.

Little Brother

Directed by: Dikega Hadnot
Written by: Spencer Mandel
Starring: Hattie Winston, Jon Lafferty, Deniro Farrar, & King Roubleau

You can’t be woke in a nightmare.
A white teacher goes to a strange South L.A. block to investigate a gifted student’s absence from school, but underestimates the boy’s powerful grandmother.


Directed by: Madison Crabill

Who says documentary can’t be scary? “Secret” is an experimental documentary exploring the ever-present urge to pry into the lives of others as well as the equally-strong urge to keep our own secrets carefully guarded. The film features a series of interviews intercut with experimental sequences that aren’t for the faint of heart…

Grave Sight

Directed by: Walter Forsyth & Angus Swantee
Written by: Walter Forsyth, Craig Gunn, Pamela Segger, & Angus Swantee
Starring: Holly Stevens, Craig Gunn, & Dale Bellefontaine

Grave-robbing Tanya, with her precious hubby Preston in tow, unearths a cursed ring and unleashes a powerful demon hellbent on revenge by any means necessary.

Buy In

Directed by: Bri Castellini
Written by: Bri Castellini, Colin Hinckley
Starring: Colin Hinckely, Marshall Taylor Thurman, Mae Mitchell

Buy In is a psychological horror film about lies, desperation, and multi level marketing schemes that follows a charming young salesman and a strange, lonely traveler who find themselves locked in a struggle for control over their own destinies.

Photo by Julien Andrieux on Unsplash

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